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Lincoln Learning Solutions offers districts, schools, teachers, parents, and students all of the tools necessary for success — a rigorous online curriculum, a robust learning management system, accompanying training and support, and more — in the most streamlined manner possible. Our commitment to providing comprehensive tools for school initiatives is a key element of Lincoln Learning Solutions’ nonprofit mission: creating innovative educational choices and opportunities for students and families.


The day-to-day activities of our highly qualified teachers extend far beyond the teaching and grading of coursework, offering a variety of resources to support student learning.

Student Support

Our Student Support Services team offers educational assistance and special education support, advocating for every student’s success through regular communication and monitoring.

Account Management

Offering real-time customer support, our Account Management team provides a single point of contact for every client, ensuring a positive customer experience and offering expert solutions.


The Heart and Hub of Student Interaction

The enthusiastic efforts of our Instructional Services staff set our education practices apart for students, parents, and school administrators. Creating supplemental material, monitoring student progress, and ensuring that students are engaged with the coursework are a few examples of the services and support each of our teachers provides.

These optional instructional services are available with every Lincoln Empowered course, offering schools and districts the ability to add courses quickly to their course catalogs that may not be otherwise available to students.

Student Support

Driving Student Success

Our Student Support Services staff works with schools to assure that accommodations are pertinent to the online learning environment and assists our instructional staff to implement required accommodations and modifications. Working closely with our curriculum team, the Student Support Services staff develops specialized learning objects to present course content in alternate ways so as to extend student knowledge or reinforce concepts with which students may be struggling.

Optional Student Learning Advocate services are available to help students build on strengths and overcome hurdles. 

Professional Development

Personalized Learning for Clients

Our Professional Development team offers specialized training for all clients and creates customized solutions for administrators and teachers. Although our online library of research- and scenario-based documentation is always available to help you provide a personalized learning experience for your students, our Professional Development team's face-to-face workshops address your individualized needs.

Account Management

Customer-Centered Support

As the main point of contact for clients, our Account Management team makes certain that every customer has a positive experience. No matter your question or issue, you can rely on your designated Account Manager for support and resolution. Serving as your dedicated Lincoln Learning Solutions concierge, your Account Manager is always only a phone call or email away.

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