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The Lincoln Learning Solutions Story

At Lincoln Learning Solutions, our mission is your mission – to fuel a deep, unstoppable love of learning. As a nonprofit educational solutions organization, we’re redefining the entire birth-through-adulthood learning experience through a continuum of personalized pathways to knowledge, with more than 170 virtual courses and 93,000 flexible learning objects crafted carefully to help all students fill learning gaps and “own” content.

By providing the most differentiated, digital learning curriculum tools combined with the best in-class comprehensive school services, all surrounded by a strong philanthropic arm, Lincoln Learning Solutions is maximizing learning opportunities to help students of all ages own national and state standards as they move toward college, career, and life success.

When Learning Belongs to You, You Own It!

Lincoln Learning Solutions is driven by maximizing content ownership for all students – providing the right standards-based digital content in the right way through the right delivery method for all ages of learners.

Versatile Solutions to Meet Your PreK-12 Curriculum Needs

We understand that there’s not a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to supporting the implementation needs of all schools throughout the country, and that’s why we believe in a true PreK-12 continuum of learning. Since 2005, we’ve been maximizing virtual and blended learning models to help students to own learning, ace assessments, and be on the road to successful college and career readiness. Our four curriculum solutions help to build rigorous thinkers from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.

A Continuum of Solutions for all Levels of Learning

Lincoln Learning Solutions also understands that true learning is an ongoing experience from birth through adulthood, and we provide comprehensive solutions for students at every stage.

Our Early Learning Centers are more than just day care. They feature developmentally appropriate learning environments that encourage young children to explore, investigate, observe, and experiment, while allowing space for them to take risks within safe boundaries.

Our PreK-12 curriculum solutions provide a comprehensive suite of elementary, middle, and high school offerings. With more than 170 courses and 93,000 flexible learning objects to help all students fill learning gaps and own national and state standards, we provide a solid framework of support for all grade levels.

Additionally, our Continuing Education solutions provide opportunities for a lifetime of learning by partnering with businesses, nonprofit groups, and governmental agencies to establish online learning communities for certifications in trades and continuing professional and personal development.

Helping to Build Your Vision of Learning

We’re driven by supporting all schools, districts, and organizations with the most effective and comprehensive tools possible for ensuring the deepest levels of learning.

School Development and Innovations

A key element of Lincoln Learning Solutions’ nonprofit mission is a commitment to creating innovative educational choices and opportunities for students, families, and communities. This means supporting the design and start-up of new school options, particularly in the charter school space, and developing innovative programs and specialized courses of study within schools and school districts. Our School Development and Innovations Services include:

  • Planning

  • Coalition building

  • Turnkey start-ups

  • Charter applications

  • Staffing

  • Enrollment services

  • Marketing

Igniting Minds, Engaging Hearts

Lincoln Learning Solutions believes that fanning the spark of knowledge into a lifelong passion for learning requires investment and ongoing support. Through our philanthropic practice, we have made grants and donations totaling more than $6 million in support of teachers, schools, community groups, post-secondary education, the arts, and after-school programs.

Our Philanthropic Mission

Identify and maximize learning and educational drivers within civic, social, and community activities that link to our core assets and strategies and will facilitate solutions for student advancement.

Institutional Giving

By cultivating and sustaining strategic partnerships, Lincoln Learning Solutions seeks to make high-quality learning options and opportunities available and accessible to as many students as possible.

Community-Based Giving

Lincoln Learning Solutions supports community-based charitable organizations and initiatives that are creating circumstances and conditions in which people of all ages are empowered to learn, think, and grow.

Employee-Based Giving

Lincoln Learning Solutions is committed to extending the passion and generosity of our employees by supporting their charitable giving and volunteer activities.

Is It Time to Make a Change?

Today’s the day to make a difference in the lives of all children to help ignite minds, own learning, and change the world. Lincoln Learning Solutions is ready to partner with you to help fuel a deep, unstoppable love of learning for all.

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